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My new thing

2016-06-08 20:04:16 by GeometryDashBrad

If you haven't already checked out my new preview, please do. I think it's pretty cool.


2016-06-01 19:14:12 by GeometryDashBrad

I know I haven't really been doing anything lately, but I have a lot going on including graduation from 8th grade.

It's fine though, because I'm doing a lot of experiments with Sytrus.


2016-01-22 00:11:29 by GeometryDashBrad

Credits to Supore for creating my channel art and profile pic, go subscribe to him!


2015-12-29 19:42:10 by GeometryDashBrad

Got a new computer and FL Producer Edition!

Experimenting with some Sytrus presets now.


2015-12-14 22:49:17 by GeometryDashBrad

Thanks to Kaptain CPU (GD name) for scouting my music! Also, new song!


2015-10-27 19:55:52 by GeometryDashBrad

Hey guys, can somebody scout my music? I want to use it in Geometry Dash, and can you tell me how to change best audio?


2015-10-15 23:20:35 by GeometryDashBrad

How does one change best audio of the year?



2015-10-06 21:14:05 by GeometryDashBrad

Yes, the song on Youtube is mine. I hope that you can monetize it.

(Insert Lenny Here)

2015-10-06 19:58:56 by GeometryDashBrad

╚═( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)═╝

New Song!

2015-09-10 22:28:30 by GeometryDashBrad

Hey everyone! I just got the FL Studio demo and made a quick drum loop with sound effects. Give it a listen and tell me if you like it!