2015-10-27 19:55:52 by GeometryDashBrad

Hey guys, can somebody scout my music? I want to use it in Geometry Dash, and can you tell me how to change best audio?


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2015-11-29 13:39:59

Hi, I came by your page by looking through random songs :P
You don't change your best music, it is chosen by newgrounds, seeing which one's the most popular. And I'm sorry to say this, but the reason, as far as I can see, your music isn't scouted, is because there's a lack of concistency. I would advice you to search up scales (for melodies), and try changing different values on sounds and instruments.
PS: One thing I found looking through yur songs, was that some drums were louder than others (asumed unintentionally), and that might be because some were in layers, other freely placed as samples. Samples does not have the same volume value as instruments/samples in layers, and is therefor louder.
Feel free to ask me if you're unsure about something I said, -Nemer

GeometryDashBrad responds:

Thanks for the info! No, I haven't used samples, I just am not great at mixing and mastering and all that. I still use the FL Studio demo, so I can't do much, since I have to do it all in one sitting. Thanks for telling me about the best song by the way. I know I'm not scouted, my music still isn't great. I only have about 2 hours a day on about 2 days a week to make music, so all my stuff is pretty rushed. But yeah, thanks for coming over and looking! Btw, I'm getting the full producer version for Christmas.